Titles are a prefix added to you characters name which denotes your social standing within the game. Your title determines your rights, including the number of businesses you may own and the level of housing you may live in. In order to earn better titles you either have to purchase them from the clerk in the town meeting hall or marry someone with a higher title. Whenever two people are married, the person with the lower title will gain the same title as their spouse.

Serf Edit

This title is owned by every person who can work at the dependence of another person.

Commoner Edit

This is the title you start with. You have the right to manage your business and to charge someone with a crime. You are only entitled to live in a Hut and to run 1 business building (Except for Patrons who if they are running a Croft can own more fields and Corrals).

Yeoman Edit

This is the first title you can purchase. It costs 500 gold pieces and allows you to own 2 businesses. Your dwelling can now be a house or worse.

Citizen without full rights Edit

2,000 gold pieces to purchase. You can own 4 businesses and apply for the lowest positions in government. Your dwelling can be still be a house or worse.


Costs 6,000 gold pieces. This allows you to run for most positions in the government and you can own 7 businesses, as well as to live in a Gabled House.

Free Citizen Edit

This is the first title you can purchase for 15,000 gold pieces. You can own 10 businesses and can insult people who could end up challenging you to a Duel. With this title you can build and live in the Patrician House.

Patrician Edit

The purchase price for the title of Patrician is 30,000 gold pieces.

Nobleman/Noblewoman Edit

This title costs 80,000 gold pieces. You must have imperial fame to gain this title. With this title, you can hold the highest seats of office.

Landgrave Edit

With this title you now have "Of Noble Descent" perk. This can help you at trials. You may now live in a mansion.

Baronet Edit

This is the final title you can get. The price is 100,000 Gold and it allows you to own 15 businesses.

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