Scholars are wise men and women who are not only respected, but also centres of power and influence. As priests or feared alchemists, these men and women may be difficult to play, but they provide a variety of options and possibilities which make them a very challenging and interesting class of character. They are also perfect for climbing into the highest ranks - they master both the art of diplomacy and the complex world of politics.

There are two professions in the original Guild. (Thought the Priest Path can be separated into two more sub categories).

  • Alchemist
  • Priest
    • Catholic
    • Protestant

In "The Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas" the following profession is added:

  • Medicus (doctor)

In "The Guild 2: Rennaissance" the following professions are added:

  • Banker
  • Gravedigger

Buildings Edit

Scholars can build, purchase, and operate the following buildings:

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost Notes
Tinctury 1,750 Alchemist's Shop 8,250 Inventor's Workshop 19,500
Magician's Shop 8,250 Mage's guild 19,500
Church (prot.) 1,750 Dome (prot.) 8,250 Cathedral (prot.) 19,500 Preachers can collect holy water, craft goods, give sermons, and gain believers.
Church (cath.) 1,750 Dome (cath.) 8,250 Cathedral (cath.) 19,500
Pesthouse 1,750 Infirmary 8,250 Hospital 19,500 Treats injuries and cures diseases.
Vault 1,750 Crypt 8,250 Cemetery 19,500
Pawn Broker 1,750 Money Lender 8,250 Bank 19,500

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