Romance/Family is a big part of this game. It is necessary for conceiving an heir, and for improving relations between dynasties. When you play this game your first priority after securing a source of income is to find a suitable partner and court him/her. After you have courted him/her you can go to a public house, tavern, or inn. If you want to achieve maximum relationship increases you can ask him/her to dance, have a quiet conversation, or take a bath with you. However, these activities will cost you money. If you budget is tight or you are going to die soon for one reason or another (plague, age, outlaw, etc.) you can cycle between using compliments, kissing them, or beguiling them. When you are courting a lady from another dynasty who is not a serf, you should not repeat the same action twice in a row.


Once you have married your partner, the first thing you should do is get to your home and spend the night together. After some time, a baby will be born and you will have to opportunity to name it. Make sure you have 1500 gold saved up or else you wont be able to send the child to school or get it an apprenticeship. After the child reaches the age of 16 it will become eligible to select as playable adult. This can be accomplished by going to the dynasty interface, then to the family tree, then click on his/her portrait, and finally click 'add family member'. If your controllable family is full, you have the option to go to the same page and click one of your active family members and remove them from the group. Be careful, once a family member is removed you cannot bring him/her back. After the child is 18 the process can start all over again.

Advantages of MarriageEdit

If you manage to find a potential partner who is not married, is not the last member of a dynasty, and is not courting someone then you might be able to increase you title for free. If that person has the title nobleman/woman, and you have the title commoner, and you can manage to marry him/her then you automatically get their title. It's a really good way to get titles quickly when your treasury is low. It will also increase your relations with that dynasty. If you should separate from that person before you marry you will suffer a relationship penalty with that dynasty, so be careful of whom you chose to court.

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