The Rogue is a profession which focuses on illegal and/or unsavory means to earn money and power. These dark workers are somewhat like spies. They spy, follow, and finish people off. Rogues also can bomb rival dynasty buildings with firebombs and bombs.

There are two professions to be taken up by the Rogue in the original Guild.

  • Thief
  • Robber

There is a new profession added in "The Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas"

  • Black Man

"The Guild 2: Renaissance" added the following professions:

  • Mercenary
  • Innkeeper

Buildings Edit

Rogues can construct, purchase and operate the following buildings:

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost Notes
Robber's Nest 1,750 Robber's Camp 8,250 Robber Baron's Camp 19,500 Robbers can pillage wagons, rob travelers, and extort businesses.
Smuggler's Den 1,750 Thieve's Den 8,250 Thieve's Guild 19,500 Thieves can pick pockets, scout out and burgle businesses.
Pub 1,750 Shebeen 8,250 Hedge Tavern 19,500 Tavern Girls can serve guests, distract guards, perform exotic dances, or offer 'salacious services'.
Mercenary Quarters 1,750 Mercenary Castle 8,250 Mercenary Fortress 19,500 Mercenaries can collect tolls, collect hush money, guard homes and businesses and work as bodyguards.
Pirate Haven 8,000 - - - - Makes a pirate ship to plunder trade ships.
Vagabond Camp 1,750 Juggler's Camp 8,250 Camp of The Travelling Folks 19,500 Vagabonds can gather materials, craft goods, beg for money, and juggle.

The Pub is often a good first choice for rogues since serving guests at the pub is a quick and safe way to earn experience along with a steady but modest source of income. After the Pub, a Smuggler's Den is often a good second choice since pickpockets are low-maintenance and bring back money relatively quickly.

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