Can't Find My Saved Games in The Savegame Folder. Help! Edit

Does that sound like you? I had the same problem. I had multiple games saved, and couldn't find any of them. Then, I found a magic little article and found the games.

This is not if you can't find them with Steam. If you play through Steam, they should be in your Steamapps folder. Check there. The article I will link to Also gives you detail if you are having trouble with steam.

The place you go Edit

I use windows 7, so if you have Ubuntu, Linux, Apple, Windows 8, or any other system, I am not sure if this will help you.

Go to : Users/(your name)/Appdata/Local/Virtual Store/(file your game is saved to, this case, Programfiles(x86))/The Guild 2/savegames... and BAM! You have your games! If your having trouble finding your games, or this didn't work for you, try searching here:

1. Google/ DuckDuckGo



4. Type a comment below or send me a comment/message

- Ashley The Weirdo

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