Fisher shack

Fisher shack

The fisher shack is a building used by the Patron to catch and cook seafood. Upon construction, the shack comes with a fishing ship which can collect herring and salmon. The shack can then cook these into fried herring or smoked salmon. After being upgraded to a fishing hut, it gains access to mussels and can make soup and necklaces from them. It can eventually be upgraded into a smokehouse, which allows it to get an upgrade to have access to two fishing ships.

Usage Edit

The fisher shack is a decent first building for a Patron since it does not depend on the market for raw materials and it can produce fairly valuable goods relatively quickly. Furthermore, it also does not depend on the market for selling its goods since fried herring and smoked salmon can be sold from its sales stock. It is essentially low risk and high reward. The main drawback is that it can only be used on maps with seas or oceans, so it is not always available.

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