The Craftsman is the crafting-centered professions of Guild II. Where ore hits heat to become forged, where wood is turned into useful goods, you’ll find gifted craftsmen trying to earn their fortunes with their hands. Their talents and their work are famous amongst the citizens, and many of them find their way into the high ranks of the city’s council where they craft the future of the town.

But their everyday work is still the production of useful and valuable goods for all citizens.

The Craftsman can take up three professions in the original Guild.

  • Smith
  • Tailor
  • Carpenter

"The Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas" added the following profession:

  • Tailor

"The Guild 2: Venice" adds the following profession:

  • Glassmaker (not available in Rennaissance)

"The Guild 2: Rennaissance" adds the following professions:

  • Stonemason

Buildings Edit

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost Notes
Foundry 1,750 Smithery 8,250 Goldsmithery 19,500
Weapon's Forge 8,250 Armour forge 19,500
Carpenter's Shop 1,750 Turnery 8,250 Joinery 19,500
Weaving Mill 1,750 Tailor's Shop 8,250 Clothing Shop 19,500
Brickery 1,750 Stonecuttery 8,250 Stonemason Hut 19,500
Woodcutter's Hut 12,000 - - - - Produces pine wood and oak wood.
Mine 20,000 - - - - Produces iron, gold, gems, and silver.

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