Windows and menus Edit

Hotkey Usage Notes
Esc Options menu Also fully pauses the game in singleplayer
M Map
C Dynasty menu
P Politics screen Shows current office holders and openings
V Statistics
B Diary
G Buildings
H Show/hide user interface

Camera controls Edit

Hotkey Usage Notes
W Move camera forwards
A Move camera left
S Move camera backwards
D Move camera right
N Orient camera to face north
Ctrl + F1 – F12 Save camera position
F1 – F12 View saved position
Right mouse button + move mouse Move camera Also moves with cursor at edge of screen
Left + right mouse buttons Zoom and rotate with mouse movement Forwards/backwards movement zooms in and out, left/right movement rotates the camera
Hold down mouse wheel + mouse move Pan and rotate Forwards/backwards movement pans camera angle up/down, left/right movement rotates the camera
Shift key + both mouse buttons Pan and rotate As above

Other controls Edit

Hotkey Usage Notes
Spacebar 'Pause' Just makes the game very, very slow. Use Esc for true pause. Only works in singleplayer.
+/- Adjust game speed Options are 'pause' (same as spacebar), very slow, slow, normal, fast, very fast, and fast forward. Only works in singleplayer.
Q Quick save
L Quick load
Print Screen Saves a screenshot in the 'Shots' folder
Ctrl + 1 – 9 Save object selection Works for characters, buildings, signs, anything you can select whether you control it or not.
1-9 Select saved object
Enter Open chat window, send chat message Only works in multiplayer
Ctrl + mouse move Rotate building during building placement Does not work in cramped areas where the building wouldn't fit if it were rotated.
Click left mouse button Select object, or option, or carry out action Also deselects if the cursor is placed over the ground
Hold right mouse button Get information Brings up a wide variety of information depending on what's under the cursor

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