Buildings are various areas and businesses that are players can create to help expand their empire. Some buildings let players keep one class of workers in a building (i.e. Thieve's Den can house thieves). While others can create products to sell or to craft into other stuff. Most buildings have a product, and it is important to understand the production of each building including the ingredients required to make that item.


Class Production Building Ingredients/Resources
Patron Wool Croft, Farm, Estate farm Corral with sheep
Patron Beef Croft, Farm, Estate farm Corral with cattle
Patron Wheat Croft, Farm, Estate farm Field with wheat
Patron Barley Croft, Farm, Estate farm Field with barley
Patron Leather Farm, Estate farm Corral with pigs
Patron Alcohol Public house, Tavern, Inn Fruit
Patron Weak beer Public house, Tavern, Inn Wheat, alcohol
Patron Wheat beer Tavern, Inn Wheat alcohol

Upgrades Edit

Most buildings have three tiers, and buildings can be upgraded to the next highest tier by paying the difference in price. There is construction time involved in doing this, and first tier buildings cannot be directly upgraded into third tier buildings.

Patron Edit

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost Notes
Croft 1,750 Farm 8,250 Estate Farm 19,500 Manages fields and corrals to provide raw grains, meats, and wool.
Bake Shop 1,750 Bakery 8,250 Pastry Shop 19,500 Makes and can sell a variety of foods.
Public House 1,750 Tavern 8,250 Inn 19,500 Makes and serves meals and alcoholic beverages.
Fisher shack 1,750 Fishing hut 8,250 Smokehouse 19,500 Catches, cooks, and sells seafood.
Windmill 5,500 - - - - Turns wheat and barley into wheat flour and barley flour.
Orchardist 5,500 - - - - Manages meadows to produce fruit and honey.
Corral 250 - - - - Managed with Crofts. Raise sheep and cows.
Field 250 - - - - Managed with Crofts. Produce wheat and sugar beets.
Meadow 250 - - - - Managed with an Orchardist. Produces honey and fruit.

Craftsman Edit

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost Notes
Foundry 1,750 Smithery 8,250 Goldsmithery 19,500
Weapon's Forge 8,250 Armour forge 19,500
Carpenter's Shop 1,750 Turnery 8,250 Joinery 19,500
Weaving Mill 1,750 Tailor's Shop 8,250 Clothing Shop 19,500
Brickery 1,750 Stonecuttery 8,250 Stonemason Hut 19,500
Woodcutter's Hut 12,000 - - - - Produces pine wood and oak wood.
Mine 20,000 - - - - Produces iron, gold, gems, and silver.

Scholar Edit

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost Notes
Tinctury 1,750 Alchemist's Shop 8,250 Inventor's Workshop 19,500
Magician's Shop 8,250 Mage's guild 19,500
Church (prot.) 1,750 Dome (prot.) 8,250 Cathedral (prot.) 19,500 Preachers can collect holy water, craft goods, give sermons, and gain believers.
Church (cath.) 1,750 Dome (cath.) 8,250 Cathedral (cath.) 19,500
Pesthouse 1,750 Infirmary 8,250 Hospital 19,500 Treats injuries and cures diseases.
Vault 1,750 Crypt 8,250 Cemetery 19,500
Pawn Broker 1,750 Money Lender 8,250 Bank 19,500

Rogue Edit

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost Notes
Robber's Nest 1,750 Robber's Camp 8,250 Robber Baron's Camp 19,500 Robbers can pillage wagons, rob travelers, and extort businesses.
Smuggler's Den 1,750 Thieve's Den 8,250 Thieve's Guild 19,500 Thieves can pick pockets, scout out and burgle businesses.
Pub 1,750 Shebeen 8,250 Hedge Tavern 19,500 Tavern Girls can serve guests, distract guards, perform exotic dances, or offer 'salacious services'.
Mercenary Quarters 1,750 Mercenary Castle 8,250 Mercenary Fortress 19,500 Mercenaries can collect tolls, collect hush money, guard homes and businesses and work as body guards.
Pirate Haven 8,000 - - - - Makes a pirate ship to plunder trade ships.
Vagabond Camp 1,750 Juggler's Camp 8,250 Camp of The Travelling Folks 19,500 Vagabonds can gather materials, craft goods, beg for money, and juggle.

Miscellaneous Edit

Tier 1 Cost Tier 2 Cost Tier 3 Cost Notes
Look-out tower 2,500 Watchtower 5,000 Cannon tower 7,500
Storehouse 8,000 - - - -
Hut 1,250 House 4,500 Gabled House 11,000
Patrician House 21,000 Mansion 45,000 - -
Country Estate 85,000 Country Estate 150,000 Pleasure Palace 350,000 Note: The game does actually list Country Estate twice, and they appear to be separate levels of dwelling.

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