Hello. I don't know much, but its better than knowing nothing when you start, right? Okay, This page is about animals, such as the cow, sheep, and pig. After much head grinding, and more time than I like to admit, I have found how to get animals, if you do not know or you haven't played the first The Guild (like me).

How to get animals (Step 1) Edit

To get animals, you must own a farm. This means you must be a Patron, or have a patron in your family, or for hire. Once you have or are a Patron, you go into the 'Building' menu and select the Patron tab. The first building on the menu should be the correct building, as you most likely are a level 1 Patron. The building is titled "Croft."

GuildII 2014-11-17 23-33-24-96

Croft and other 'Farm' buildings

GuildII 2014-11-17 23-16-34-35


You cannot select the "Farm" Building until you reach level 3, as it says in the description. Remember: You can right-click an image of a person or a building or about any other image in the game, and see the description. Once you have your Croft (or any farm type building that is at your level [Croft, Farm, or State Farm]), you can then begin the next step to animal raising.

How to get animals (Step 2) Edit

I assume you have followed step 1, and have your farm building, so the next step is simple. Buy a Corral. That is it. There is a "building" (if you want to call it that) at the very bottom of the 'Building' menu, which is titled "Corral." It should cost 500 coins. On to the next step!

How to get Animals (Step 3) Edit

I will make this the last step, so you don't have to be bothered with me anymore. Following carefully, or you will not have the option to get animals. Go to your building (Croft/Farm/Estate Farm) and select "Improve Building." Once on the 'Improve' menu, scroll all the way to the left and you will see sheep and cattle. they are two separate items. You must buy the upgrade(s) "Beef" and/or "Wool," depending on which animal you want, or both.

Quick Word- Edit

I hope this was easy enough, as it is my first wiki guide page. I was searching everywhere for a guide

GuildII 2014-11-17 23-34-14-98

What to improve

and couldn't find one. The game manual does nothing for you. So, as learned (and am still learning, so I will update this wiki guide as it is severely malnourished. I thought I would be nice enough to put something up to help anyone needing it. If you have any questions, please ask me by comment on this page. If you are stuck on a part of the game, say "request-" on your comment and I will see if I can find the answer to your game problem. You can also go to my wiki profile page to leave a message - Ashley The Weirdo

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